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A Digital Presence 
Digital shop window to over 10,905 people per month.
List your business as a member on the JSP website and Tour Petone App. Giving your business a presence with over 10,905* monthly users.
*Average number of users taken from the last 6 months.

Regular Updates
Stay up to date with news that effects your business, including – Update Newsletters, Legislation, Best Business Tips, Advocating.
Business Networking
Networking with local businesses. 
Opportunities to interact with other businesses professionals – networking with local businesses through either Luncheons, After 5, Breakfast, Guest Speakers. 
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    We offer services similar to the Chamber of Commerce but targeted for the businesses in Jackson Street and Around.  We ensure that we distribute to all our members any initiatives, funding and training that the central government offers to businesses.  We now offer our members an E-Commerce digital presence on our website which we are more than happy to discuss this further with you. (Download information Pack) Please email us directly for pricing.

    Our core mission is to ensure that we are the leading destination for people to come to Eat, Shop and Play here in Petone.
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