Vaccination update

Vaccination update

·        56,899 boosters were administered on Tuesday, this is the highest daily number so far.

·        More than 73 percent of people over 65 have now received their booster.

·        Every DHB is currently on track to complete their booster programmes in Aged Residential Care facilities within the next week.

·        The total number of boosters administered is 1,110,408 .

·        Yesterday was also a record for paediatric doses, where 15,102 doses were administered.

·        93 percent of eligible New Zealanders are now fully vaccinated.

·        85 percent of active border workers that are now required to get a booster by 15 February, under the Mandatory Vaccinations Order have already done so.

Continued messaging on vaccine boosters

  • If you have had your second COVID-19 Pfizer vaccine four to six months ago, you’re eligible for your booster vaccine. The two vaccines and the booster offer the greatest protection against COVID-19 including both the Delta and Omicron variants
  • You can get your booster at walk in vaccination sites or book an appointment by phoning the COVID Vaccination Healthline 0800 28 29 26 (8am – 8pm, seven days a week. You can also book online at
  • More than 82 Percent of vaccinated New Zealanders will be eligible for a booster by the end of February 2022.
  • The booster for Astrazenica is also available for those who have received their second dose at least four months ago. The AstraZenica booster requires a prescription from either the vaccinating AstraZenica clinic or prior to your appointment from your preferred GP. Both visits to the GP and a prescription for the AstraZenica booster are free.
  • Pregnant people aged 18 and above who have received their second vaccine at least four months ago are able to receive the booster at any time during their pregnancy. These people are encouraged to discuss the timing of their booster with their midwife, obstetrician, or general practitioner.

Vaccination of Tamariki aged 5 – 11

  • Parents and care givers now have the opportunity to protect their tamariki against COVID-19. Tamariki will receive the Pfizer COVID-19 children’s vaccine..
  • Immunising these tamariki helps protect whānau whose health makes them vulnerable to COVID-19. The virus is unpredictable and while it generally has milder effects in children, with symptoms similar to a cold, some tamariki become severely ill and require hospitalisation.
  • You can also use to get immunised through your usual health provider, hauora, or GP. Make sure you select the appropriate age range. If you want to book for more than one child or are unable to book online, call the COVID vaccine hotline 0800 28 29 26 (8am – 8 pm 7 days a week).
  • In Aotearoa, New Zealand all vaccinations are free to tamariki under 12 years old. Some immunisation clinics may also offer other childhood immunisations such as MMR. It is okay to receive several vaccines at the same time.