Covid-19 2022

Covid-19 2022

 The Government announced that the country will shift into Orange of the Omicron Management Strategy at:

From midnight this Wednesday, 13th April

  • no capacity limits for all indoor & outdoor events
  • Bars and restaurants are no longer required to enforce seated and separated rules, although they can choose to keep them
  • Face masks are still required for many indoor settings.  Inside schools, face masks are not required but still encouraged.

From Monday, 4 April:

  • use of "My Vaccine Pass" ends
  • all vaccine mandates removed except for health and disability, aged care, corrections and border workforces (so mandates affecting hospitality staff etc, plus teachers, police, defence)

Other useful information:

  • traffic light system remains for now - we are at RED and the next review will be on 4 April
  • 1 metre rule still applies 
  • patrons must still be seated and separated from other groups 
  • face masks are still required in most indoor settings
  • don't delete the Covid QR app off your phone just in case an outbreak happens again in the near future
  • store your QR poster somewhere safe and flat in case it's needed again in the near future