Ergo OT Ltd

Ergo OT Ltd

We are an Occupational Therapy Consultancy servicing the wider Wellington region with vast experience in the fields of workplace injury prevention and discomfort management.

Occupational Therapists are unique in that they are trained to break down and analyse activity.  That activity can be as simple as sitting at a computer desk or scrolling on your touchscreen phone, or it can be as complex as operating a grader on a major road construction project.

By breaking the activity into its component parts, it allows us to reconfigure and adapt the activity with reference to the individual and the environment.  We can then use this information to optimise the performance of the activity – despite the discomfort, injury, or disability.

The OT’s at Ergo OT carry out their assessments in a holistic manner in order to:

  • Provide solutions to prevent pain and discomfort
  • Problem-solve complex situations
  • Support staff and organisations to make positive changes
  • Assist organisations to take care of their health and safety responsibilities

At Ergo OT we aim to provide holistic solutions – from workplace assessments through to group training and one-on-one coaching, we’re committed to finding solutions that will provide long-term health and safety benefits.

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