PETONE - A Postcard Town

PETONE - A Postcard Town

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Petone historian Nik Zangouropoulos has produced a follow-up to his first book "Mr Petone" on local identity Roy Hewson, with a pictorial history of the town as seen through the lens of picture postcards.

The book separately covers the history of Petone and the history of postcards, and then through various themes such as streets, factories, churches, people etc. interweaves the two, to capture the story of Petone.

The golden period of the town about one hundred years ago coincided with a period of mania for postcards resulting in a very rich archive of imagery that is evocative, informative and enjoyable.

The book also surveys postcard producers, famous photographers and local studio photographers, providing additional colour to the parochial picture that the book unabashedly seeks to portray.